Field Workforce

Less Paperwork – More Paying Work

Do your engineers:
Visit the office to get jobs?
Fill in paper forms and job sheets?
Take verbal briefings?
Return between jobs?
Forget to return all the paperwork?

What are the chances of jobs falling through the cracks? Are you at risk of losing a contract because the paperwork is not working as well as it should?

Know that every job that comes in is allocated to the right engineer.

They know what’s expected of them; where they are meant to be and when. Because everything they need to know about the job, and what to expect when they get to the customer premises, is on their PDA, phone or tablet.

Motivity: the smart way to keep jobs flowing

  • Engineers see all their jobs for the day
  • Receive new job alerts instantly
  • Have the right parts and stock in the van
  • Send off job sheets as soon as job’s done
  • Spend less time filling in paperwork

Less paperwork – more paying work

Your field force won’t want to go back to paper forms once they’ve used Motivity. It frees them from driving to the office to collect or return forms and worksheets. The forms still need to be filled in, however it is much quicker and there’s less chance they miss stuff off.

Keep track of lone workers

If you have engineers working alone in vulnerable or hazardous environments, you will want to know that if they get into trouble, you can do something about it quickly.

The Motivity ‘lone worker’ option:

  • Locates your engineers on an interactive map
  • Alerts office staff visibly if they don’t respond
  • Provides last known location – whether inside or out
  • Pinpoints where they are, not where van is parked
  • Shows what job they are travelling to or working on

Meet your SLAs

If you have contracts with strict SLAs, you will need to know they are serviced properly, and that your people can get there and get the job done without spending too much time on the road.

Motivity: the easiest way to keep track of the detail

  • Provide proof that work has been done
  • Save photos and equipment details to customer job file
  • Keep certificates, forms and paperwork in order
  • Be compliant by recording site details
  • Get customers to sign off work on site

Let Motivity help you work smarter

Call us now on 0114 243 5544 for smarter ‘paper-free’ field operations

What Our Customers Say


"We are really pleased with the service we received and the ongoing support"


"amazing app backed up with amazing customer service the app works does everything i need it to and more"


"The App is amazing and adaptable to any business needs, customer service is brilliant, highly recommend this app"


"Excellent company, nothing is to much trouble for them"


"so easy to use. support, when called upon is very helpful. nothing is too much trouble. Keep up the good work."


"Very easy to use, we would recommend for any business."


"I couldn't ask for any more from the guys at Motivity. Great workforce app that is easy to use for all the guys on a day to day basis. Any problems Simon and the team are on hand to deal with and..."


"Amazing service from the start! Simon and his team have been incredible, they have managed to create everything we need for our engineers on the road and also our office staff. As a company we have..."

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