Adding Customer Specific Questions or Tabs to Mobile Workflow

Last Updated: Friday, August 19th 2022

Are you using a standard set of job types across all your customers, but you need extra questions adding for a specific customer?

If so, you don't need to create an extra job type just for those customers.

There is an option that will make questions visible for a specific account code.

When you add a question onto the work flow,  use this on the Visible If properties box:-

customer_account_ref = xyz

Where xyz is the customer account code that will make the question visible in the app

Also note the space before and after the equals sign

You can also make entire tabs only show up for a specific customer too

Just set the Visible If property on the tab itself:-

customer_account_ref == xyz

Note the extra equals character here

(Troubleshooting - if you find questions aren't showing up for some field staff, make sure they are on the latest versions of the Motivity Workforce app)

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