Attaching Rational Oven HACCP data files onto Jobs

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 3rd 2024

The Motivity ServiceLife app allows you to attach diagnostic files from on-site equipment and send it back to the office as part of a completed job report.

One example of this is how you can attach and send HACCP data files from Rational Ovens onto jobs.

  • To do this you will need USB stick and compatible lead to connect it to your smartphone / tablet OR look out for a dual purpose memory sticks such as the SANDISK 16 GB Dual Drive USB Tablet Memory Stick. This has a standard USB plug at one end and a micro USB plug on the other. 
  • If your phone doesn't have a files utility app installed you will need to download something like  ES File Explorer onto you device (download this from Google Play Store)


On site instructions:

  1. Use Motivity Servicelife as per normal so that you have started the relevant job and indicated you have arrived on site.
  2. Plug the USB stick into the oven and transfer the information onto the stick  (refer to Rational Oven instructions)
  3. Now plug the USB stick into the phone / tablet
  4. Using the ES File Explorer or similar app you will need to copy the files from the USB stick ONTO a folder on your phone*
  5. Now from the 'on site' screens, scroll through to the Photo tab.  
  6. Use the Add File / Photo button and select ES File Explorer to browse to the contents of the folder on your phone
  7. Once you have attached / added the files to the job the will show up in the Photo tab list
  8. Now complete the job as normal
  9. When the job arrives back at the office, the HACCP and any other files are shown in the Document tab against the relevant job / visit

* - This stage is important.   If you add them directly from the USB folder and you then remove the USB stick before the job has been sent back there is a possibility the files will not go back to the office as the app can no longer find them.
This potential is increased if you're working in an area with a poor signal as the job could be delayed in sending back even though you've completed the job.
Leaving the files on the phone means they will always be accessible by the app.  Even with the USB stick removed

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