Can we edit a report that our engineer has sent back?

Last Updated: Thursday, April 29th 2021

You can do this from the visit report page on the Motivity Office website.

So for example, go onto the Schedule and click the little arrow on the job you want to amend.  Then choose 'View Visit Report'     (The visit report option is available wherever you can see completed jobs / visits on the website)

On the visit report page you can see all the information the engineer has sent back.

In the middle of the screen you'll see different headings.   These correspond with the tabs they see in their app when filling in their report.

The information you need to change might not be visible immediately so you may need to click on one of these headings first.

When you've found the right one, simply click the little arrow to the right of the green PDF report button (at top of screen) then choose 'Edit Answers'

Once you've made your changes and saved then, the PDF will automatically regenerate.    The PDF button goes yellow while this happens and will return green once done.

NB - 

If your reports feature equipment checks, readings and questions, you'll see the equipment shown at the bottom of the screen.
You can click on each piece of equipment to view the information sent back.
If you need to edit any of these infomation, there is separate pop up menu to the right

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