Configure Motivity Automated E-mails to be sent from your own E-mail Account / Server

Last Updated: Tuesday, June 6th 2017

By default, Motivity Workforce automated e-mails (such as completed job e-mails) are sent from our own Motivity Workforce e-mail servers.

You can personanlise this to be sent from your own e-mail system instead as follows:

Firstly go to :

Company Settings -> System Parameters Tab -> Send E-mail Settings

On this settings page you will need to add the following information:

From Name Your Name or E-mail Address
From Address Your E-mail Address
Reply To You can specify an alternative e-mail address for customer to reply back to the automated e-mails
Host The SMTP server address (for example - if you are using Office 365 this would be:
Port SMTP server port (usually 587)
Username Username for the above e-mail account
Password Password for the above e-mail account
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