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Configure Motivity Workforce to Send Emails From Your Own Mailbox or Domain

Last Updated: Thursday, May 5th 2022

By default all e-mail alerts to your staff and to customers are sent using our own e-mail system.

You can override this and send e-mails via your own e-mail box

You need to make sure the e-mail server supports TLS encryption.

To configure, just go into Company Settings -> Send E-mail Settings

A lot of customers are using Office365 / Outlook.com.

So for Office365 users you'll need to fill in the e-mail address boxes and your e-mail account password on the Send E-mail Settings page in Motivity.
Also make sure you fill in the host and port details with this info too... 

host: smtp.office365.com

port: 587

Nb - if using Office 365 - Make sure Autheticated SMTP is enabled for the e-mail account you're using to send from.

At time of posting this, you can set this from the Office365 website as follows:-

Click Admin -> Active Users
Click on e-mail/user account 
Click Mail on right hand pane
Click manage e-mail apps
Tick Authenticated SMTP

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