Enabling Two Factor Authentication (TFA) on Motivity

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 29th 2023

To provide an extra level of security for your office user logins, we recommend enabling two factor authentication (TFA)

Currently, switching on TFA is done by each office user   (We will be providing a company wide enforcement option in a future release)

Once enabled, office users need use an authenticator app* on their phone in conjunction with their existing login details

NB - If you have office users sharing an office login then they will all need access to the phone that has the authenticator app on it.

Setting Up TFA

Before switching on TFA, make sure your office users have downloaded an authenticator app onto their phones*

Each office user will then need to log into Motivity as normal then:

  • Click their name at the top of the screen and press the Profile button
  • Click Set-Up 2 Factor Authentication
  • Enter their existing password
  • Motivity will then show a QR code
  • They'll need to open the authenticator app on their phone and scan the code to add the Motivity profile into the authenticator app
  • Once it's been scanned the authenticator app will respond with a code
  • The office user will need to type this code into the box on Motivity as a means of verification

Once this is done the TFA will be switched on

Logging into Motivity

Once TFA is switched on, after logging in with their password, Motivity will prompt for an Authenticator code

The office user will need to open their authenticator app, find the Motivity profile and it will then generate a code for them to type into Motivity

*There are many free apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store that provide this service and you may already be using one for other websites.   Google and Microsoft both have free ones to download.

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