Getting Motivity app to remember answers from a previous visit and recall / pre-populate recall on the next

Last Updated: Thursday, February 24th 2022

To save field staff having to type something in repeatedly on subsequent visits it is possible to get Motivity to remember an answer then pre-populate it in the app next visit.
This is quite useful for information that changes rarely.  Some companies use this to remember recommendations made on site.  It is then recalled and can be edited on subsequent visits if anything has been addressed.

In the workflow, on each question there is a 'Remember Answers Between Visits' option that just needs to be switched on.

The information is stored based on the question label and one of two things.

If the question is on the main job, then it will be remembered per site.

If it's on the equipment it willl remember for that specific piece of equipment.

For example.  if there is a question called 'Recommendations' on the main job tabs (and remember visits is enabled),  then when something is filled in it will be stored under 'Recommendations' for that site.

On the next job for that site, if there is a question called 'Recommendations' then the app will look this up and pre-populate the answer with the info that was previously stored.

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