How do I make Supporting Documents available to my workforce in the Motivity app?

Last Updated: Thursday, May 4th 2023

The Motivity Workforce system lets you upload documents so that they are available as reference to your field workers.

You can attach supporting documents to one or more of the following:-
  • a customer
  • a customer site
  • a specific job
  • individual personnel
  • your entire company / workforce
This is ideal for site specific method statements, plans, instruction books etc.

To enable supporting documents on the handhelds
You need to create a new tab called "Supporting Documents" within the relevant job type as follows:-
Click your user name on top right
Click Company Settings
Click Job Type tab
Click on a job type you want to add this to
Under the Mobile Workflow section on right, click On Site
Now click 'add tab' button and create the new one called 'Supporting Documents'
Click on the new Supporting Documents tab and add a label in there called 'Supporting Documents'
(You can move the tab to any position in the On Site workflow to suit)
You might see that there is already a Supporting Documents tab there.  
Just make sure the visible option is ticked.
This will then appear on the next job you send out (providing there are documents to see).
Each document can also be categorised to further assist engineers find / filter documents on site.
You can set up document types by going into company settings -> supporting documents

To Add supporting documents 
For customers and sites, you simply go onto the overview page for each and there is a section called supporting documents where you can upload .

For jobs, at present you need to firstly create the job.   Then go back into the job details and you'll see the supporting documents section there.

For personnel, click on their name in the personnel list and you'll see the supporting documents section on there

For company wide, you'll see the Supporting Documents option available on the main menu.   Company wide documents are accessed from the main menu in the motivity app.


Office Only
- You can just use the supporting documents as a place to store information for office side only.  Switching this option on will stop the document being visible on the handhelds.
Available Offline - this will force the document to download as soon as you send the job out to the app.  This is good where you know that person may be working without signal when they are on-site.  Bear in mind this would use more data if non essential document and slow down job transmission to the device.
Mobile Users Must Read - This means personnel must download open that document before they are allowed to continue* / complete the job* (depending on how you've configured your mobile workflow).

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