How do I switch on engineer location tracking in Motivity Workforce?

Last Updated: Thursday, April 6th 2017

Motivity Workforce features a map (Locator) that allows you to pin point the location of field staff together with details of what job they are working on (or travelling to)

The main purpose of the Locator screen is to help you identify who is working where and on what so as to help plan up coming work or do deal with customer emergencies.
Locator can be switched on for each individual field worker.
Login to the Motivity Workforce office website.
Click on Personnel.
Click on the relevant field worker  (click their name on left hand side, not the edit button)
On the right hand side there are a series of links/ the one labelled 'Locator' / 'Turn On'
For Locator to work effectively, you'll need to make sure the location settings are turned on to 'high' on each Android device. 
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