How to Record Travel From a Job When Putting On-Hold

Last Updated: Wednesday, October 18th 2017

This is useful when you have jobs spanning multiple days and you need staff to log the travel to overnight accommodation before returning to a job the next day.

On the mobile workflow screens, click on the On-Hold workflow then add two new questions with the following information:-

Question Text: Time leaving job *(Just change the text on the 'on hold date/time' question to this)*
Question Type: Date/Time
Question Default Answer: @@job/attribute/onhold-date

Question Text: Time arriving at destination
Question Type: Date/Time
Question Default Answer: @@job/attribute/onhold-arrived-date

** If you are also using the "Record Travel Home at the End of the Job" facility, it's important to adhere to the above naming convention - so that the travel durations are calculated correctly

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