How to stop PDF fields triggering a supplementary page being generated on visit reports

Last Updated: Thursday, April 6th 2017

By using the supplementary PDF templates it's possible to get visit reports to only include pages when certain information is completed.

By default, any field on the PDF that has been completed via the app or office will trigger the supplementary page to be included.
This is with the exception of certain fields such as job number and address.
You can get it to exclude others too by putting a # in front of the field name in the PDF.
For example, you might have optional pages that require a signature to be shown  (which was captured once at the end of the job)   e.g. qa_engineer_signature
By adding the signature field this would automatically make the supplementary page generate every time.
By changing the field name to #qa_engineer_signature in the PDF, the supplementary page will now only appear if any other fields on that page are populated.


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