Installing Motivity Connector on a Different Computer to the ServiceLife Database

Last Updated: Thursday, April 6th 2017

For optimum performance we recommend the Motivity ServiceLife Connector is installed on the same computer or server as the ServiceLife database files.

If you do need the Connector to operate on a different computer:

  1. When using the installer make sure you use a full UNC file path for the database location  (i.e. don't use the mapped network drive name   z:\Data\ServiceLife....     use   \\servername\data\servicelife.....)
  2. Make sure the Motivity ServiceLife Service is changed to run under a user account rather than local system account.

(The local system account cannot access network files so you don't change this you will see error messages in the event log saying that the connector cannot access or find  ServiceLife Mobile.mdb)

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