Migrating Engineers from Motivity Liftdata App to Motivity Workforce App

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 26th 2019

These instructions explain how to migrate engineers from the Motivity Liftdata app for Android onto the Motivitiy Workforce app which works on Android and Apple devices.

NB - You can only do this if Appstation have updated your office system to handle this. 

In Liftdata Office System

  • Open the Personnel screen and click on the engineers name.
  • Mobile Device ID box will have a 5 digit number in it. You need to replace this number with a Wnnnn  where nnnn is their employee ID.  NB - put zeros in front if the ID is less than 4 digits.
  • From Liftdata Home Index menu, click on the Task menu button. 
  • Click Send PDA Current CSV Data.   (This will get Liftdata to tell Motivity about changes to Engineer settings, Routes etc)
  • You may need to wait 5 mins for the changes to take effect.
Engineer App
  • Make sure any outstanding jobs are completed on the old Motivity Liftdata app (i.e. ones that are awaiting signature).  Check that these have been received back at the office.
  • Download the Motivity Workforce app from the Play Store (if using Android phone or tablet)  OR the App Store (if using Apple iPhone or iPad) 
  • Make sure you accept any permissions questions the app asks you otherwise it may not operate correctly
  • Login to the app using the engineers e-mail address and PIN that was used previously. 
  • If they have a service route it may take a few minutes to update the phone
  • You will need to get the office to resend any outstanding breakdowns and repairs   (if you have to install again these will be remembered in future)
  • You can remove the old app from the device
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