Motivity Liftdata - Handheld Status Explanation

Last Updated: Thursday, April 6th 2017

Here is a quick explanation about the different status messages that are reported back from engineer's handhelds.

These are visible in your office on the Motivity Job Browser or the Liftdata PDA Evaluation screen.

  • Sent - Call Out Job sent from your office on its way to the handheld
  • Sent (Stored) - Job not yet delivered to handheld  (either because the engineer is not logged in or they don't have a signal)
  • Received - Job has arrived on the engineers handheld (on their Breakdown list)
  • Accepted - Engineer has confirmed they have read the job details and can do it at some point
  • En Route - Engineer travelling to job
  • Arrived - Engineer is on-site
  • Awaiting Signature - Engineer has completed the job and electronic job sheet but is waiting for customer to sign  (this is usually when they are carrying out multiple lift services at one office)
  • Completed - Job has been completed and has been returned to the office for review.
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