QR and Barcode Scanner Hardware for ServiceLife

Last Updated: Thursday, April 6th 2017

ServiceLife Android App

The app has been designed to capture QR and Barcodes seamlessly using the camera in the handheld device.

There is no need for specialist barcode reading scanners in the handhelds themselves. 


ServiceLife Office

In terms of capturing one off / individual barcoded items directly into ServiceLife there are two options recommended by The Barcode Warehouse.

There is the Motorola LS2208 or the LI4278

The difference is the LS2208 connects by cable to your computer whereas the LI4278 is wireless (transmits to a receiver that plugs into your computer).

Both units operate in the same way by mimicking keypresses.

So in Servicelife, when adding a new part, you would click the mouse into the Part Code or Part Description field on screen.

Then, using either of the above scanners point at the barcode (and I presume you then press a scan button on the unit)

This will turn the barcode into the equivalent numbers directly into the field in ServiceLife.


Bulk Imports 

The Motorola CS3000 is a handheld data collection device that allows you to scan barcodes in bulk then download them to your computer in a CSV/Excel format file.

You can then use this file to import directly into ServiceLife. As a minimum the file will contain a list of the codes which will represent the product codes you need to import into ServiceLife.

You may need to add additional columns into the CSV to make it possible to import into ServiceLife

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