Reuse an Existing Motivity ServiceLife App Subscription with a New or Different Engineer

Last Updated: Thursday, April 6th 2017

 This article explains how to reuse an existing Motivity subscription with a new / different engineer

You would typically do this if one engineer leaves and you are wanting to either:

  • give their device to a new employee / replacement engineer
  • give the new employee a new phone and install that app


This is relevant to ServiceLife only.

In ServiceLife Office
  1. In the Personnel screen, find the old engineer.
  2. Untick the Handheld User checkbox then press Save.
    ** Servicelife will only let you do this if you have cleared off any outstanding jobs first.
  3. Now create a new engineer (if not already done so)
  4. Set a password by pressing the padlock next to the Password field.
  5. Tick the handheld user checkbox.
  6. Select the appropriate device number from the Handheld Phone drop down list
  7. (Tick Allow Time Updates if you want them to be able to change dates/times on jobs)
  8. Press Save
If the new Engineer is using the Old Engineers Device:

 Just log in with the new password you have assigned.
(The first job you send out to the new engineer will update the device with their name.)


If the new Engineer is given a NEW Device:
  1. You will need to contact us with the name and mobile number (if relevant) of the engineer who will be reusing the subscription - and who they are replacing.
  2. We will give you the Activation Code to use on the Android device. 
  3. Download the Motivity ServiceLife app from the Google Play Store
  4. If you find it is already installed we advise you UNINSTALL then INSTALL again.
  5. Opening the app for the first time will prompt you to enter the Activation Code we gave you earlier.
  6. Enter the PIN number or Password you set up in ServiceLife Office
  7. The device is now ready.  The first job you send to it will configure the device with the engineers name.


(The first job you send out to the new engineer will update the device with their name.)




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