Reuse / Swap an existing Motivity Workforce subscription with new or different field staff

Last Updated: Tuesday, January 2nd 2024

This article explains how to reuse an existing Motivity Workforce subscription with a new / different engineer

You would typically do this if one field worker leaves and you are wanting to either:


  • Give their phone or tablet to a new employee
  • Reuse a subscription on a new phone or tablet for the new employee


In Motivity Workforce Office
  1. Click Personnel at the top of the screen and  find the person you are replacing.
  2. Click their name  (i.e. not the edit button on the right)
  3. Press the Actions button on right and choose 'Revoke Mobile App Access'  (this will free up the license for use by a different employee)
  4. If this person has left you can hide them on the schedule by editing their personnel details and using the 'hide on schedule' option
  5. Now create a new person (if not already done so) and press Save  (remember what e-mail address and PIN you have given them as this will be needed to log into the app)
If the new employee is using the Old employees Device:


  1. Start the Motivity Workforce App
  2. Tap the three dots at top right of login screen and choose 'Change User'  (newer versions of the app may show you the previous employees name  and you can just tap the 'not you' option next to the name)
  3. Now use the new persons e-mail address and PIN as per above to log in.



If the new employee is given a NEW Device:
  1. Install 'Motivity Workforce'  from Google Play
  2. Start the Motivity Workforce App
  3. Use the new persons e-mail address and PIN as per above to log in.


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