Setting up E-mail and Text Alerts for Lone Worker

Last Updated: Friday, September 14th 2018

Motivity Workforce lone worker alerts can now be sent to a nominated e-mail or mobile number. So, if a member of your workforce triggers the lone worker (by not responding after a pre-determined time) then an alert e-mail or text can be sent.    This is in addition to them appearing on the Locator map showing their last known location.

The e-mail and text alert can be useful for out of hours monitoring.

To set up e-mail alerts:

  • Navigate to the Company Settings -> Alerts Tab.  You'll see a box to enter the e-mail address on this page.

To set up text alerts:

  • Firstly you will need to set up an account with CosmicSMS who deliver the text messages.  Their registration page is:
  • Keep a record of your userid which you created the account with
  • Having registered, you will need to e-mail their support team and request an API password
  • In Motivity, navigate to Company Settings -> System Parameters and click on SMS Settings.  Enter your SonicSMS userid and the API password here.
  • Now, navigate to the Company Settings -> Alerts Tab.  You'll see a box to enter the mobile number on this page.


NB: The e-mail and text services rely on third parties to deliver the alerts. Mobile network reception may also be a factor on how quickly the nominated person receives alerts once they have been triggered in Motivity.  If using the text alert service...make sure you have enough credits too.

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