Setting up Response Times (Attending and Completing Jobs)

Last Updated: Thursday, April 6th 2017

You can set up multiple response times to cover different service level agreements you offer.

This can cover the time you attend site or the time to complete a job.

Default List of Response Times

Do this from

Company Settings -> System Parameters -> Response Times

These will be available for ALL jobs.

Response Times per Customer

This is done on the Customer Details page for each respective customer.

Adding response times here will override the default ones set up.

Be careful how you set response times up

A job that has a four hour response just set up the number of hours.  

A job that has to be attended anytime next day then just set this to be 1 day response and 0 hours   (not 0 day and 24 hours).   Doing this means you can raise a job at say Monday 5pm and it will need to be completed anytime Tuesday…as opposed to Tuesday 5pm.

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