Starting / Restarting the ServiceLife Mobile Connector

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 3rd 2018

The ServiceLife Mobile Connector  manages the two way transfer of jobs from ServiceLife Office to the engineers using our Motivity ServiceLife app.

If you only have one copy of ServiceLife in your office then the Connector will be installed on that same computer.

If there are several computers that have ServiceLife on it then the Connector will be installed on one of those computers OR on a server.
The Connector runs as a background service which needs to be running all of the time for jobs to send and receive.
The service can sometimes stop if there has been a Windows update and also if you have not paid your Motivity subscription.
To restart the service:
You will need to go onto the server (using actual server keyboard and screen)
Click on the Windows button

If there is a box to type in, then type in the word Services.
Click on the menu option that has a little gear / cog icon next to it.
If there there's no box to type in, you will need to click on Control Panel in the menu, then click on Administrative Tools, then Services.
(Sometimes you might see Administrative Tools on the actual start menu so don't need to click control panel)
On the Services page,  scroll down to find 'ServiceLife Mobile Connector' and right mouse click, then choose start.
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