Updating Motivity System Fields, Equipment Attributes etc from Info Recorded in App Mobile Workflow

Last Updated: Monday, February 26th 2024

You can assign these as default values on your mobile workflow questions to update specific fields / attributes in Motivity:

Default Value Note


Use on an equipment question  (date).
If filled in on the app, it will update the next service date on that equipment type with whatever was filled in on that question
If you use a Date NA question type and mark it NA it will blank out the next service date


As per above but for the warranty expiry date field.
@@update/equipment/attribute/{external ref from attribute} This will update equipment attributes with the value entered in the app
@@empty|@@equipment/column/next-service-due Adding the @@empty will blank the date box out forcing engineers to fill it in

You can now combine this with the calendar automatic increment function too.....


@@cmd/calendar/edit/+ 6 months|@@equipment/column/next-service-due

This will default the date to 6 months time and store it in next service due date field

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