Reuse an Existing Motivity Liftdata App Subscription with a New or Different Engineer

Last Updated: Thursday, April 6th 2017


The following steps explain how to swap / give an existing Motivity subscription to a new engineer.

This is typically where one engineer leaves and you want to reuse their licence with a replacement employee.

1) These steps are for Liftdata only.

  1. Find the old engineer in Liftdata Personnel and make a note of the 5 digit number in the I.D. Code box
  2. Now delete the 5 digit number so the I.D. Code box is empty
  3. Set up your new employee record in Liftdata  (including allocating a Service route if required)
  4. Type the 5 digit number you made a note of earlier into I.D. Code box
  5. From Liftdata Main Menu, press the Task Manager button then the Send PDA Current CSV Data button.  
  6. This final stage will prompt the PDA to update itself with the new engineers name and route.

** It can take a couple of minutes for the routes to be updated on each handheld **

2a) If you are giving the engineer the pre-used handheld (e.g. that the old engineer used) we advise you UNINSTALL/REMOVE the existing Motivity Lift Engineer app and then reinstall.


2b) If you are giving the engineer a new handheld you will need to install the Motivity for Lift Engineers app from the Google play store.  

When you first start the app it will need a specific activation code for this engineer - please contact us if you don't already have this.

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