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Using Automatic Calculation in Motivity Workforce

Last Updated: Thursday, October 3rd 2019

The Motivity app can automatically calculate results based on information typed into other questions within the app.

For example to automatically calculate area you would set up two numeric text boxes on one of the tabs in the mobile workflow.



Set up a third one using as a 'calculation' question type and call it:



In the properties of each numeric text box there you will see a property called  "Lookup Ref (Used for calculation questions)"

In the Height and Width fill this in with the words 'height' and 'width' respectively.

In the properties of the Area calculation box, set the Default Value property to be:


When you fill in the height and the width box in the app it will automatically calculate the area.

 The calculation question type supports a wide variety of functions including:

  • basic operators, i.e.: +,- , *, ^, !
  • Boolean logic operators i.e.: or, and, xor
  • binary relations i.e.: =, <, >
  • math functions (large library of unary, binary, 3-args, and n-args functions) i.e.: sin, cos, Stirling numbers, log, inverse functions
  • constants (large library), i.e.: pi, e, golden ratio
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