Using Motivity app to capture customer e-mail address to send them electronic PDF copies of worksheets

Last Updated: Monday, September 17th 2018

This allows mobile app users to verify / capture e-mail addresses of customers when on site.

PDF worksheets can then be e-mailed automatically to them on completion of work.

1) Add a single-line text field to one one of the tabs on mobile workflow.

2) Set the default value to be one of the following:

@@job/attribute/JobExtraEmails - Puts these email addresses against the job (so the e-mail address will only be used on the one specific job)

@@job/attribute/ContactEmails - It will show you the notification email address for the specific contact associated with the job. This is email address used by Motivity send out copies of job sheets as PDFs.  

Any updates made to these in the app wll be stored for future use.

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