We've created duplicate sites for a customer with jobs done at each. How do we sort this out?

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 25th 2018

If you accidentally create multiple sites for the same address, it is possible to move all jobs onto one site and then delete the duplicate sites.

  • Firstly decide out of the duplicate sites which one you want to keep.  It might be worth temporarily changing that site name to make it obvious this is the one you are keeping.
  • Now, go into each of the duplicate sites and then click on the Jobs tab .
  • On each job click the job number (to mak e it open the detail view) then press the Edit Job Details button at the top of this page.
  • On the job details edit page, press the Pencil Button next to the site name and change the site to be the one you want to move the job to.
  • When you have finished moving all jobs, you can then go back and click on Sites link at the top of the screen, locate the duplicate sites (you need to remove) then press the delete button on the right against each one


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