What are electronic job sheets?

Last Updated: Friday, July 24th 2020

Traditionally, companies with a field based workforce relied on their engineers completing paper based job sheets or carbon copy books to report back what work they had done on site.

Often these would have been dupicate or triplicate  carbon pads  so that a copy could be left with customers on site.

Electronic job sheets, as the name suggests, is an electronic version / equivalent of this traditional field paper work.

Rather than engineers writing on paper, the same information is now captured via the Motivity app on a smartphone or tablet.

As soon as the engineer has completed their report, that information is transmitted back to your office over the mobile phone network (or wi-fi).

It's  then automatically processed and converted into an electronic equivalent of your job sheet.

With Motivity this can be an exact replica of your original paperwork - but in the form of a PDF document. 

This PDF can be e-mail direct to your customers too (either automatically or after you've reviewed it in the office first)



  • Quicker turnaround on field 'paperwork' - almost instant.   Get invoices out as soon as work completed.
  • Less 'form filling' for engineers  (information like customer address etc. is pre-populated)
  • No illegible, mislaid, or delayed 'paperwork'.    
  • More professional appearance
  • No need for engineers to post or drive back to office to drop sheets off
  • No more paper pads
  • GDPR compliance - less chance of unauthorised people finding sensitive customer information on job sheets left in vans
  • Be better informed about job progress and engineer location - handle customer queries more efficiently
  • Extra benefits to engineers including real-time information on previous work carried out, customer accounts on hold, hazzard info, RAMS etc.
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