What is Locator?

Last Updated: Thursday, December 23rd 2021

Motivity Locator allows you to locate individual field staff and what job they are working on.

It is different to Van Trackers in that the location info is sent from their phone or tablet.
This makes it ideal for field staff on walking routes in large towns or cities.

The accuracy of locator depends on the phones location settings.
The highest accuracy will use the phones GPS receiver.
It can also use any Wi-Fi and phone transmitter signal too  (the accuracy of these is usually better in larger towns and cities where there are more of these types of transmitters).

For Locator to update, the device will need a mobile phone or wi-fi signal to transmit the information back to our Motivity Message Centre.

The location information updates in two ways:-

  • Everytime they report a change of status within a job in Motivity (i.e. travelling, arrived on site, working etc)
  • Every 10 minutes if Motivity app detects they are moving location.

You view the location through the following website:- http://locator.motivitymobile.com

You will need at least one field staff subscribed to the service and also a user name and password to log in.
Please CONTACT US for more information

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