What's the difference between jobs and visits in Motivity?

Last Updated: Thursday, April 11th 2024

Every job you create and schedule will have one visit associated with it.

When the visit is completed on the app, this will produce a visit report (and typically produce a visit report PDF to match what you supplied us with when setting up the system)

For each job, you can raise additional visits at any time  (just use the +Create Visit option)

Additional visits are typically used where you need to:

  • Send someone to do further work on another day (or days).  
  • Send additional people to work on the same job at the same time (or even on differing days)*

Each additional visit, when completed will create it's own visit report and PDF logged and accessible against the same job.

NB - The job status will remain In Progress until all visits are completed.

* For additional members of the workforce attending site it is possible for us to set up a different visit type.  Typically we call this an Assist visit type.
The lead worker can have the main job sheet to complete with each additional person just getting the assist one.  You decide who gets what when scheduling the visits on the Schedule / Calendar page.
The assist visit type can then have a cut down number of questions to complete in the app - e.g. times and a note.  It doesn't even need to create a PDF when completed too.  Just visible via the Motivity office website.

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