What to do if an Engineer / Field Staff Leave

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 5th 2021

The first step is to stop their access to the Motivity Workforce app.
To do this, click on Personnel then their name.
Then press the Actions button and choose 'Revoke Mobile App Access'*
If they still have the app on their phone or tablet, this will force it to log out when it next connects to the internet.
They'll also be unable to log back in.

The second step depends on how you wish to access historical information.

Option 1 - You can delete them from Personnel.
This will remove them from the Personnel list and also the Schedule too.
You'll still be able to access jobs they have done directly from the Job List, Schedule, Customer and Sites tabs.
You wont be able to access them directly from the Personnel list anymore. 
Also if you had been recording timesheets or any personal safety checks (e.g vehicle checks) then you'll not be able to access these any more.
To delete them, click on Personnel; click on their name; click Edit Personnel then press the Delete button at the bottom of that page. 

Option 2 - You can hide them from Personnel.
This will leave this person in Personnel list but hide them on the Schedule.
Doing this means as well as being able to access their previous jobs from the Job List etc, you'll still be able to access this from Personnel too.
It will also mean you have access to any timesheets and safety checks that had done too.
To hide them, click on Personnel; click on their name; click Edit Personnel.  Now fill in the 'Left Employment' date and press Save.

*NB - Using the 'Revoke Mobile App Access' option also frees up the licence to use again should you be getting a replacement person.
(If you're not going to replace them - get in touch with us so that the spare licence can be removed on your contract renewal date (shown on Company Settings - Company details page)

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