Workforce App Technical Information - What Devices does it Work on?

Last Updated: Thursday, May 16th 2024

What device/operating system is Motivity Workforce app designed and supported on?

  • Smartphones and tablets running Android 9 or greater.   Android phones MUST have access to the Google Play Store app otherwise they will not work.  Phones such as newer Huawei  (e.g. P40 Lite) DO NOT have Google Play Store anymore so will not work.
  • Apple iPhone / iPad with iOS 12 upwards

    Although we can't guarantee how long, we do try to continue for support for older devices as long as feasibly possible

How big is the Motivity Workforce app?
Approximately 10.5 Mb

The device you use will need at least this much free space, together with memory to cover the number of jobs sent and completed to the device each week

Plus additional space photos and other forms completed per job (See below).

How much mobile / Wi-Fi data is used when the device receives a job / work instruction?
An average job is around 3.5Kb

How much mobile / Wi-Fi data is used when the device sends back a completed job (e.g. jobsheet / delivery note / docket) ?
An average job is around 32Kb

What other things can impact on the data usage and the device memory?

  • Photos (150 - 300Kb per photo)
  • Additional Documents Completed During a Job  (these will be small - around 10Kb)
  • Supporting Documents - (these are documents that can be downloaded on the device - so any size)
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Location Tracking / Lone Worker - (if enabled this is  < 1k every change of job status on the device - or every 3 minutes)

Device Memory Management
The Motivity app has built in memory management.  On top of the jobs that have been sent to the device and by default, it holds a rolling seven days worth of completed jobs.

Jobs older than seven days that have been received back in the office are automatically cleared from the device memory.  This includes any photos taken as part of that job.

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